Well, it’s another first for me: My name in print!!

I have a story in the 2113 novel just released by Subtopian Press. This was a very interesting projects with authors from around the country submitting stories based only on a concept and then the good people at Subtopian molding those stories into a larger, more cohesive tale. I’d call it an anthology, but it’s really something more than that and a bit different as well.

2113: An Oral History of the Last God, considers the world one hundred years after the apocalypse. Using works from twenty-five authors, the book tells of the world as it now is, and once was, through the stories passed down by the survivors to later generations. As the stories were all submitted based on only a broad concept, the larger tale that emerged was surprisingly cohesive, and once the editors were done with them, something pretty cool had emerged.

In addition, as mentioned above (yes, with two exclamation points) this is the first time I’ve had one of my stories appear in print. Besides this being very cool, it was a unique project to be involved with, and I feel fortunate that my story was included.

If you think some post-apocalyptic weirdness is up your alley, then check it out. I think you’ll like it.