Jeremiah, hammer time?

Hammer time?

Well what do you know, another July has rolled on by and that means another Sledgehammer Contest is in the books. (I claim no responsibility for the presence of any puns made or implied).

This sparked me to look back over the last twelve months and all the wonderful things I got to do thanks to last year’s contest. I’m not going to do anything so boring as to go over them, but I did want to take a minute to thank Indigo Editing again for putting on the contest and providing such a wonderful experience. I had a really great time, got to meet some nice people from all corners of the writing world, and was able to do things I wouldn’t have been able to without the efforts they put into the Sledgehammer.

Lest you think I’m only talking of prizes, (gasp, how material … but, okay, they were cool), I’m most definitely including the contest itself, and all their support of writing in general. We all know it can be a grind from time to time, and having an event like this is great to shake things up. It really did (at least for me) provide new motivation and energy for all of us who are alone at keyboards in the dark, quietly mumbling to ourselves and trying not let our blank screens eat us whole. Or … maybe that’s just me? It’s hard to tell from the glare of the screen…

Anyway, moving on to something much more current, and relevant, this year’s Sledgehammer Contest may be over, but the voting is still open! Head over to the results page and check out all the entries this year, and vote for your favorite. I know the authors will appreciate it, and you might just find a new story and writer you’ll love.