Another month has come and gone, and I have another conference to report on!

Note: Apparently I’m mid-way through “con season” now. This comes as a bigger shock to no one than me as I didn’t even realize I had a con season this year! Or any year for that matter…

Last weekend I was able to attend the Surrey International Writers Conference in lovely Surrey, BC, Canada. That’s next door to Vancouver. No, the “real” Vancouver. This one.

The conference came highly recommended and I’m very happy to report it didn’t disappoint in a single way. The staff was organized and super friendly throughout and every class I attended was really top-notch. By the end of day one I had already learned enough that I would’ve been satisfied with the weekend, and that was just the beginning.

Atop the great classes attendees also have some wonderful opportunities in the form of blue pencil and pitch sessions with industry professionals. What are those you may ask? How about 15 minutes to have writers like Sam Sykes or Jasper Fforde critique your work? Or 10 minutes in front of an agent or editor to pitch your project and maybe find a door toward publishing? I know from talking to other attendees that those opportunities are very real. More than one person found their agent by such a session at SiWC.

Matt and Me

Matt and Me

I also got to catch up with some fellow WXR alumni and meet too many other cool writers to list, but I will note the funny and cool Matt Perkins (as he’s the only one I have a photo with). But just imagine pictures of all kinds of geeky writerly hi-jinks with the other writers. I assure you they occurred exactly like you’re picturing, only more exciting and with more poutine.

Add in other cool stuff like Mary Robinette Kowal instructing with her magical scarf dragon, a shock theater production read by a plethora of writers, or hearing the first page of your manuscript read by none other than Jack Whyte in SiWC Idol, and you’ve got yourself a fun, unique weekend to say the least

For anyone in the Pacific NW type area I can’t recommend this conference strongly enough. It feels like a family when you’re there and you feel a bit sad when you have to go home. That’s always a great sign to me that you’re in the right place.

If you’re interested in the conference, check out their website.

This month I’ll be at OryCon. If you’re attending drop me a line so we can say hi.