A century and a half after Advent, Tavali, who was then a young man, embarked west on his First Grand Tour. At that time explorers had only just pushed up against the Cinderveil a decade before, and stories of strange wonders and mysterious findings were still filtering back into Cartere on a daily basis. Tavali, only recently graduated from university, was both fascinated by these rumors and appalled at the lack of formal documentation out along the frontier. This was likely for good reason, as the Directorate’s reach fell far short of the border to the Blasts, and Reckoning would not rise up to bridge that gap for another twenty years. A journey into the Territories was no small feat, but Tavali, never one to let a trivial detail such as personal safety deter him, set out to properly document the vast expanse of the West.

He didn’t know it at the time, but he was beginning what would become THE definitive work on the realm beyond the Provinces: Tavali’s History of the West.

Due to his adventurous spirit, and formidable tenacity, Tavali was eventually the first scholar to push all the way to the Cinderveil and lay eyes on Gearspire. The detailed reports he sent back were the first descriptions of the mysterious structure composed of more than rumor and supposition, and they fascinated Eastern readers. Though never confirmed, many suspect that Tavali’s writings on the structure were what sparked Vastroth’s interest in the place and drew him there years later.

Gearspire Log