Following the tragedy at Helador, and Vastroth’s subsequent withdrawal into Gearspire, rage over the event swept through the realm. In the immediate aftermath of so many deaths, support for a campaign to execute vengeance was high and Kraczaw led a force west to mete out retribution.

Despite the general’s best efforts, their cause was in vain and nearly the entire contingent that marched with vigor to Gearspire was lost in the attempt. Gearpire could not be breached.

Now a year later, hot rage has cooled to the hard reality that justice may be beyond their grasp, and the Directorate’s unyielding efforts to capture Vastroth are a waste of both lives and resources. All of them skimmed from the Territories, leaving already weakened forces even more depleted in the face of increased attempts for control by the Directorate over the entire realm.

Remember Helador!