None of you dawnland fools know anything.


Your precious hero Tavali thinks he can ask a few questions, write a few words, and understand us?? You don’t even know the depths of your own ignorance, nor the shallowness of your own strength.

We will sweep across your precious land like a tide and reclaim what should rightfully be ours!

Cowards. Moles. Weak willed mewling wretches. Hiding. Always hiding. When the storm breaks we will fall on you like a tide, and you will understand pain. Pain like you’ve never known. Pain that grinds your souls to ash and your spirits to powder.

We will take back the dawnlands you abandoned and repay you for the sins of your mothers and fathers.

You can’t stop us. You can’t face us. You can’t stand before us.

You will all fall.


Hail the Brazen Blood!