This story is for the Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: Game of Aspects, Redux.

I got the following from the RNG:

Subgenre: 2. Erotic Fairy Tale
Setting: 2. On board the Titanic
Element to Include: 4. Elves

The genre wasn’t really in my wheelhouse, so I tweaked it into more of an Adult Fairy Tale, but I found the idea of the fairy tale style interesting so went with that.

Here’s what I came up with.

Many years ago now, across the ocean to the east, there stood a great and mighty nation. It was a place of legend; a kingdom filled with powerful men who built powerful machines. Machines of steel, and iron, and steam that shook the heavens and trod over the depths of the deep.

As a new century dawned the greatest of all these machines, a titanic ship, was completed and set sail to cross that dark ocean that separated the old world from the new.

Among those on board was a man called Renault. None had seen him come aboard, but as the party for the first night of their crossing swung into motion, all noticed as he entered the grand salon. Tall, dark haired, and handsome, as he looked out across the gaily dressed crowd, he smiled a small smile.

Finally he felt free. Free of that old country and all its troubles. Free of the old family that had caused him so many unpleasantries. The new world lay ahead and with it unlimited possibilities for one such as him.

Only thing was missing. Something to fill the hollow void within his chest. He had felt so empty for so long, he hoped that here he might find someone to cure that feeling.

So he set off into the crowd, but hours later he was left feeling just as empty. And so he returned to his cabin disappointed.

The next night, and the one after he set out again, but each time was left feeling the same. He began to wonder if he would end the trip as empty as he had begun it.

On the fourth night however, as he descended the grand staircase of the ship he saw her. Tall, and slender, and striking in a green gown she stood across the room. Her fiery hair fell in ringlets about her shoulders. Her eyes large beneath dark lashes.

This was the girl he had been looking for. He knew it with every ounce of his being.

Quickly he made his way through the crowd until he stood before her. He gazed with longing upon her face and she gazed back at him. He saw something within her green eyes that fanned the flame within his chest. That longing was there in her eyes as well. That loneliness that was all too familiar.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Saderly”, she answered him.

He had been right about the look in her eyes for she was seeking something as well. She was seeking an escape from the pain that filled her heart. Pain from the death of her father only weeks before. As their eyes met she knew Renault was the one she had been seeking.

Without another word they took each other’s hands, hers warmer than his, and stepped onto the dance floor. Their eyes were only for each other. Their feet moved as one as the music swept them up beneath the chandeliers.

Song after song they danced, fast, and then slow, and then slower still. With each song their bodies moved closer together, pulled by the emptiness in their chests, until at last they were pressed together. So close was she that Renault could feel the beating of her heart in his chest. She his breath in her hair. He pulled her closer and she yielded, moving in until their stomachs were together, their legs almost intertwined. They moved as one.

Then the song was over and they were stepping back, bowing. But her eyes never left his, that look was still there and now a flame danced within her eyes. Without a word she turned and left the hall and he followed close behind. Too close for propriety but he didn’t care. The smell of her hair was in his nostrils and he couldn’t stay away.

By the time they reached her room near the front of the ship his arms were around her waist. His lips were at her neck. They tumbled through her door, grasping for each other. The room was smaller than he had expected and dominated by a single large trunk but he didn’t care. She was his world and then their lips were together.

Her breath was in his mouth, her hands on his chest. His fingers were tangled in that fiery hair, pulling her to him. He felt the swell of her breasts through the thin gown and his desire roared into a furnace.

He couldn’t help himself any longer.

With something like an animal cry he pulled her head aside and drove his mouth into her neck. His teeth through her tender skin.

“Renault!” she cried out, flailing in his grasp, but he didn’t care. Her hot, sweet, blood was in his mouth. The world shook around him and he bit even deeper.

He held her tightly with one arm but stroked her lustrous hair gently with his fingers. Traced the nape of her neck, the curve of her ear. Her long pointed ear.

Renault froze.

The blood in his mouth was even sweeter now, so sweet it was tingling. Burning.

He gasped and stepped back and Saderly fell limp. His mouth was on fire and his chest as well. He fell back into the wall, gleaming blood dripping from his lips. His ears rang, his bones creaked.

“What have I done?” he cried.

Then he felt a metallic clink and a new burning. A burning he knew all too well.

With horror he stared down at the silvery chain now clasped firmly around his ankle. He tried to jerk away but the chain only bit deeper. The other end was bound to the huge trunk in the center of the room.

And then a new surprise hit him, Saderly sat up. There was now a dark gleam in her eye that he did not like at all.

Slowly she stood not even attempting to wipe away the blood from her neck for their was no need. The wound had already closed.

“Renault,” she said much too menacingly for his liking. “What a horrible mistake you made when you attacked my family. When you killed my father, you bastard! I swore I would end you for that and now I have.”

“You’ve ended nothing,” he tried to yell, but it came out as a gargling mumble. The fire had burned out leaving him numb and weak. He slumped against the wall, barely able to stand. Vibrations swept through him.

“You are finished Renault,” she said, “And you don’t even know it yet. This ship reeks of the end, of tragedy, of grief. You were so full of yourself you didn’t even notice it. Or sick creature that you were perhaps that is what drew you to it. In any case it is the end for you.”

He could barely breathe now. Barely lift his head. It felt like the room was tilting around him, trying to send him to the floor.

She smiled at him sadly.

“Our elders have seen the coming doom. For great is man’s pride and great shall be his fall. Nothing we could say could avert this tragedy. But we can use it to remove one more horror from the world. Good bye, Renault.”

And with those final words she gave a small bow, and vanished.

Renault was left gaping.

For a moment he just sat very still. He was bewildered by her words, and frightened to move lest the chain bite him again.

Time, he needed only time. Already he could feel his strength growing. Feel his power returning to him. Soon he would escape and he would hunt her down. He would hunt down all of her kind.

Before he could move though he realized that the room had not been silent at all, an ominous creaking now filled the air. Something else was added to it. He heard screaming. Panicked screams and running feet outside of his room.

A picture hanging on the wall suddenly fell and shattered with a crash that made him jump.

The room shook, and then shook again even harder.

He realized that everything he had felt was not caused only by her blood. The room had been shaking, tilting.

Suddenly the room tilted further.

Terror filled his heart then as her dire prediction filled his head. He now understood her words. Desperate he pulled and tore at the chain but it would not budge. It was no use. She had done her terrible work too well.

All he needed was time, but there was no more. After so many centuries, his time was up.

Shortly thereafter as water rushed through the halls of the great ship, destroying and drowning as it filled each cavity, he learned a valuable lesson that would have served him well. As the cold, black waters of the Atlantic sucked him down into eternally dark depths, he finally understood.

You don’t fuck with the Elven race.