This story is for the Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Roll of the Dice.

We had to randomly pick two sub-genres and two elements and smash them all into a story.

The RNG, which I’m convinced hates me, gave me:

9. Nanopunk
18. Erotica

7. A disturbing diary
4. A troublesome dog

So yeah, um, wth? That was my first thought, and the thoughts following remained similar for some time.

As I don’t write Erotica (it’s nothing I’m interested in getting into) this was a toughie, but I’m also a believer in challenges and expanding horizons, so I took it as a mission to write a story I was happy with that at least touched on the themes I drew.

While I won’t claim the final product is Erotica (at all) it is one of the more adult pieces I’ve written and still, I think, used the themes to tell a story.

So without further ado, here’s the result of this improbable smash-up:


“Are you ready?” Julie asked.

Her eyes gleamed in the candlelight.

I smiled. I wasn’t ready at all.

The contents of the shot glass sparkled as she tossed it back. I twisted the matching glass between my fingers.

I knew all too well how it had come to this: Sam, and her damn diary.

I’d never considered reading it, not in all our years together. But Sam had hauled it off her nightstand, and plopped it open at my feet. The words in my wife’s precise handwriting were impossible to ignore.

We made love on Saturday. It was … the same. I don’t think he could tell, he never can, but I lay feeling hollow afterwards like always. I don’t know what to do.

The words left a crater of my guts.

Three years of marriage… I’d thought I was satisfying her, she’d never complained. Something murmured that she rarely complained, about anything. Every time we spoke after that I looked for signs. I never saw anything.

Her eyes were questioning across the bed. Still smiling, I raised the glass to my lips.

It burst forth at work the next week, to 22 year old Frank of all people. He tossed me the package with a wink, as if he’d been expecting something all along.

I knew what lay within on sight. I’d seen the ads. Two vials of sparkling bots, nans the kids called them, and a small remote power source the size of a cigarette lighter.

I felt ashamed, useless. A man who couldn’t even satisfy his wife. Those words though, they were tattooed on my pupils, they tore at my chest.

I tilted the glass back and swallowed it in a single go. The contents went down silky, tasteless. Julie smiled.

She’d smiled before, when I’d finally mentioned the vials to her. Hope lit her eyes so fast I felt like I’d been slapped. It was all true, she wanted more.

The remote lay between us on the bed. The dial turned to 1 of 5. The power light unlit.

That was the one thing Frank had said to me that day, ‘Don’t try anything past 1.’ A warning and some small joke at the same time.

I tensed, flicked the power switch. An LED lit, nothing else happened. Confused, I moved it to the nightstand then slid over next to her, tentative as on our first night.

She gently took my hand. The moment our fingers touched they surged against each other and clung there. Our widening eyes snapped to each other’s faces.

She slid her palm to mine. Our hands were pulled together by invisible forces, pressing into one another.

Amazed and confused, I kissed her. Our lips joined like they were one, pulled tight as we exchanged quick breaths. The kiss went on and on, held fast by the forces surging through us.

I instinctively slipped my hand inside her robe, but this time my hand was repelled, rejected by unseen power. Confused, I let it drift down until it snapped to her hip. A soft moan floated from her mouth into mine.

Understanding bloomed. We exchanged gasps as the energies directed our hands to the places we desired them. New sensations rolled through me.

Our robes fell away. My hand sought her breast again and this time it rose to my touch before I’d made contact. My fingers spasmed squeezing harder than I would have ever dared. She made a happy noise I’d never heard. Arousal and confusion bloomed.

Three years…

I rolled over, was pulled into her. I tried to pull back and was drawn into her again. Harder than usual. She moaned another new sound. Doubt crashed in my skull.

It suddenly felt fake. For all the sensations, and how she responded, it was a charade. Some damn technology doing what I couldn’t. Shame overwhelmed me.

I pulled my hand away, felt her sigh, and slapped it down on the nightstand. The remote was gone.

“Tom don’t,” she said.

A canine sound in the corner.  The remote was at Sam’s feet.


“Tom, look at me,” Julie said, voice gentle.

I found her shining blue eyes locked on mine from an inch away.

“Stay with me.”

I opened my mouth to protest and she kissed me. Firm, but soft at the same time.

“I wanted more,” she said against my lips. “Of you, nothing else.”

Then she smiled that wild, reckless smile I’d fallen in love with so many years before. The smile that set my heart ablaze. I realized it really was me she wanted. She hadn’t cheated, she hadn’t left me. She just wanted more of me than I’d known how to give. Maybe there were some stupid robots helping, or maybe this had been inside all along, but whatever the case, I didn’t really care. I saw the way pleasure rolled through her with every movement I made. In the end, for everything going on, I was making love to the woman I loved.

“Keep going, loverboy,” she said, bucking her hips beneath me.

I pulled back and let the energy pull me hard against her. She grinned in response. I grinned back and tried to see how much wider I could make that grin.

It didn’t get any smaller for a quite sometime.

Afterwards, as we lay tangled, with the nans since vibrated to a stop, Sam wandered back to the bed. The remote, now dark, still in his jaws. He dropped it on the carpet, and stared up at me.

“Bad dog,” I muttered, then I laughed as Sam looked at me with somehow knowing eyes. As if he’d understood all along. Beside me Julie giggled, It was the best sound I’d ever heard.

The remote lay there. The dial still on 1. I took a shaky breath.

“I wonder what 2’s like,” I murmured.

“Let’s find out,” she said into my ear. I could feel the grin in her lips.

I reached for the remote.