So you’ve bought a ticket to see Pacific Rim, and you’re sitting in theater and wondering what sort of movie you’re about to see.

What? Yeah, yeah I know, it’s a mechanism for reviewing the movie, so just go with it.


So you’ve bought your ticket and you are wondering what’s about to flash before your eyes on that big silver screen. Well, having seen the movie, I can say: a heck of a lot. You’re in for a fast paced, fun to be on, exploding cities, and smashing stuff, two and a half hour ride.

But perhaps you’d like a little more information. Alright I can probably provide that.

In order to do this I will direct you to two things. First, have you seen the trailer? Of course you have because it’s everywhere. Good, that makes this easier. You’re about to see what’s in that trailer, just a lot more of it and cranked up a lot bigger, and a lot louder. Second, if you’ll consider a calendar, you’ll see it is summer, and as such you should know you’re about to watch a dyed in the wool summer blockbuster. I don’t say this in a derogatory or demeaning fashion. I think every now and then we need a big fun movie where we can just sit back and let the epicness of the film wash over us. This is just that sort movie. The kind where you just sit back and have a fun time watching the good guys fight the bad guys, albeit here, on a massive scale.

Now you might ask, what about character development? What about plot and intrigue and subtle nuance?

To which I will stare blankly at you and ask again if you saw those trailers. Did you? I mean common, this is a movie about giant robots fighting giant aliens. You saw that trailer and you wanted something else? Right…


Ok, fine, so the movie isn’t all about giant robots and giant aliens. There are our heroes and they are played pretty well by the cast. And there are some funny, and yes touching, moments to go along with the booms and crashes, and stuff blowing up. And yes I will admit, even for its 2 hours+ some parts felt a bit rushed and crammed together and because of that there might be a few plot holes. I’d heard rumors that del Toro (the director) had to cut quite a bit from the version he was happy with, and yeah I’d like to see an extended cut as I thought in places I could feel such trimming. But really, come on, this is a movie about GIANT ROBOTS fighting GIANT ALIENS. Did I already mention that?

What I’m really saying is, this isn’t a movie where you should think too hard about it. It’s not there to be analyzed and considered and poked in uncomfortable ways. It’s there to watch, enjoy, laugh at, and then squee with geeky joy as things blow up and cool stuff happens in front of you. Okay, so I don’t know if you’re of the squeeing or geeky persuasion, but you are sitting in a theater to see Pacific Rim, so I think it’s safe to assume both things.

So, my advice? Eyes open, feet up, brain on low and let the alien vs. robot good times roll on.