… me apparently.

Well that was a nice surprise.

Back in July I signed up to do this zany writing contest in Portland called Sledgehammer, put on by Indigo Editing (a pretty great group by the way). The contest is a 36 hour scavenger hunt / writing challenge where you travel around Portland collecting 4 writing prompts and then use them to craft a story. All of this must be completed in the allotted 36 hours.

I wandered around with one Mr. Jonathon Burgess (along for moral support), got the prompts, found the smallest official park in the world in the process (strange, but pretty cool), and then banged out the story and turned it in at a fun hang out Indigo holds at the close of the weekend. I thought it came out pretty well, but figured it would likely not be much more than a fun experience.

I got the word this week that my story was actually selected as a winner! I was surprised to say the least, and definitely excited to win. More than anything though I couldn’t help but think how all those weeks of flash fiction stories were really helpful in a such a situation. Except for the word limit, the rest of almost identical to what Mr. Wendig throws out each Friday at Terribleminds. And being able to brainstorm off prompts and have some sense of confidence that I’d come up with something made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable than it might have been.

Alas, winners in the contest cannot compete again (or else I probably would), but I really had a fun time and would recommend the Sledgehammer next year for anyone looking to have a some fun while writing and meeting some cool people.

For anyone looking for some more writing craziness they also periodically host 36 min (you read that right!) challenges throughout the year.

Oh, and here (for anyone who’s interested) is a link to the story I submitted.