Have you considered the age of the world?

This really is an old place. Some people understand this, but most do not. Not the true age, the years that have gone by, eon upon eon, generations one after another. Each leaves their mark, their scratches in the dirt, or perhaps monuments if they are ambitious.

In my restless wanderings I’ve had ample opportunity to study this passage of time. I’ve seen the rise and fall of men and women, the changing of the land and sea; the comings and goings, the struggles and the strifes. Yes, I’ve seen them all.

Have you ever considered how many people have lived in this world? Not just today, or yesterday, or this year. No, I mean in all of history. Since the beginning. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Over the years, they’ve come and gone, an endless procession rising and falling, one after the other.

‘Death comes to us all,’ they say, and that’s surely true. Lives end, grief dries up, the land moves on. It doesn’t mean the dead do.

I’m sure you’ve heard that those spirits ‘discontented’ in death can’t move on, that they hang on to the world. But you don’t really worry about it. No, after all you I’m sure you don’t dwell in a cemetery or a mausoleum. You stay carefully away from the dead.

But then again, I wonder if you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve said.

The world is an old place and a lot of people have lived in it. A lot of people have lived just about everywhere at one time or another. They’re constantly digging up some bit of pottery or a chunk of a bone to prove that very thing. Yes, a lot of people have lived, and died, just about everywhere.

Perhaps even where you are now.

Sure, maybe you’re curled up in bed, in a nice new home, built just last year. Or sitting in a shiny office building, or sipping a cup of coffee in airy cafe. But the ground? That’s been here for a very long time indeed. What are the chances that at some point, over that long very history, someone hasn’t died on the very spot where you are right now?

Most of the discontent hang around where they died you know, it’s just their way. And really, how many are ‘content’ in death? How many don’t have unfinished business they want to attend to? You might not know the answer, but I bet you can guess.

Some are motivated to make their presence known. Maybe you’ve seen or felt one. That motion out of the corner of your eye that you can’t quite make out? A barely audible groan in a dark room? A chill you feel for no reason at all? That might be one of them.

Why do they do such things? I’d first ask if you know how frustrating it is to be so close to life, but so far away at the same time. Do you know how that feels? No, of course not. You wouldn’t know anything about how that feels. It’s quite frustrating. Maddening, you might even say.

Some do what they can to make themselves known. Poking, prodding, lashing out as is their want. For each one so inclined though, many more simply watch, and wait.

For what? And until when? Well that’s something only the dead know. You’ll have to ask them what they’re going to do when the time comes. Who knows, maybe it will be soon.

It’s something to consider.