I’m disappointed to report that LARRIKINbooks is no longer publishing Gearspire. As of yesterday the publisher has closed shop and thus I’m no longer under contract with them.

It is definitely a set back, but hey, things happen and we move on. The same is true for me and my manuscript.

Does this mean Gearspire won’t be coming out? Definitely not!

Does this mean Gearspire won’t be coming out on Sept 1st? Most likely, yes.

I’m still determining what I want to do, but at this point I’m not going to rush things. I have a few ideas, and I’m going to circle back and see which one fits the book best.

Make no mistake, Gearspire is still coming. It may just arrive later than I’d hoped.

For everyone who already expressed interest in the book, thanks for all the support, and I share your disappointment. I hope you’ll wait a bit longer.

Until next time, I can at least post the opening line.

“My heart stopped. I’d found him.”

Yep, that’s all you get. For now.