It’s Right Here, Marvin!

Poor Marvin’s been searching for that Kaboom for years. Sure it would end our tiny planet, so we don’t really want it to happen. Not THAT Kaboom. But yeah, a Kaboom is nice now and then. A nice big explosion to send things out… well, with a bang. Naturally.

Beneath a Burning Sky, the third book in Jonathon Burgess‘ Dawnhawk Trilogy, does precisely that.

I wrote about his last book (On Discord Isle) a couple years back, so if you’re unfamiliar with his work, correct that terrible tragedy by looking that page over, or even better checking out his site.

Now, for everyone else, or those who have recently come up to speed, let’s jump into this book. Jump is the definitive word because in this sort of tale, if you use any other kind of verb you’re going to be left behind.

Note: Here’s where the warning goes about this being mostly spoiler free but still being a review so you’ve been warned, abandon all hope who enter here, choose wisely, etc.. 

Beneath a Burning SkyBeneath a Burning Sky picks up right where the last book, On Discord Isle, left off. Captains Fengal and Natasha, with crew member Lina Stone and all the rest in tow, are limping home to the Copper Isle, their ship all kinds of torn up from their various adventures, and everyone in need of a nice long break.

Which means of course that a break is exactly what they’re not going to get.

The Perinese Navy’s shown up led by one particularly unpleasant Admiral Wintermourn, who has an especially nefarious plan to…

Well I think you need the book to find out, but suffice it to say there are going to be airships, pirates, duels, battles, feats of daring-do, and perhaps an appearance by a certain dragon of large mechanical proportions. Oh, and explosions. Yeah, lots of stuff’s getting blasted skyward, among other directions.

Once the book picks up steam it doesn’t let go until the final page.

Aside from the action the book also has all of the other things that have made the series so great: magic, mystery, comedy, and of course the ever present twisted relationships of everyone involved.

Dawnhawk Trilogy

The trilogy’s right here.

I think you can tell from the above that I highly recommend this book and suggest you immediately rush out and get it. Unless of course you’re on an airplane or some such as you read this. Then you should wait for the plan to land and come to a full and complete stop. And THEN you should go get a copy.

If you’d like more interest on the books Jonathon can be found online at brasshorsebooks.com.

Oh! And if you’re in the PDX area, you’re in luck as the official book launch for Beneath a Burning Sky is tomorrow night (Nov 12th) at 7 PM at Another Read Through in NE Portland. You should swing on by and say hi. It’s going to be a good time.