Do you remember the first time you used an iPhone? Not just heard about one, or saw an ad on TV, but actually held one in your hands.

The device was slick, shiny, beautiful. It was unlike anything before. How was it possible? How did they pack so much into such a sleek shape? It was like, magic.

But what if that phone wasn’t just chips and wires and glass? What if it really was magical? And what if it started behaving in… unexpected ways?

That’s the fun, intriguing concept in Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology. And I’m more than a bit excited to say one of my stories is included! A brand new story in fact and one I’m pretty dang proud of.

Edited by Janine A. Southard, and containing 20 stories, the anthology has tales ranging from fantasy, to sci-fi, to a bit of horror. It looks like a great collection, and it’s kickstarting right now!

If you think it sounds like a cool project, jump over to the project’s Kickstarter page and consider backing it.

Update: Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign did not fund, BUT I received word from the publisher that the anthology will still be coming out, only on a smaller scale than originally planned. So that’s great news. Stay tuned I’ll post more information when I have it about the anthology’s release.

Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology