Upon his return from the West, following his First Grand Tour, Tavali set about compiling his notes and correspondences into what would become his first great work, Tavali’s History of the West.

Only while working upon this tome did the lack of suitable, unified information regarding the East, the history since the Rending, and the rise of the Directorate in the following centuries make itself apparent to him. Upon completion of his first edition of the History of the West, he set out to rectify this concerning problem with what he hoped would be the definitive work to chronicle the vast history that composed the Eastern timeline.

While critics do not consider the subsequent work as groundbreaking as his Western volume, and many say his lack of enthusiasm for Directorate policies robs this work of the flair and enthusiasm that graces his first history, it still stands as one of the few sources of knowledge for many of the events surrounding Advent and those first tenuous years upon the surface.

The Directorate