Geez, that’s close.

Born and raised in the pacific northwest, I’ve been scribbling down or typing out stories most of my life. When I’m not building clouds (the computing kind, not the rainy ones), or teaching martial arts (a couple decades there), I’m probably hunched over a keyboard pounding out words in a semi-organized order.

Over recent years some of those stories have grown strong enough to break their bonds and escape into the wide world. In 2014 one of these stories won the Sledgehammer Writing Award, and another appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of Abyss and Apex magazine.

I live in Vancouver (the one in Washington, not Canada) with my wife and our two cats.

I can be found on Twitter @jreinmiller, instaFreebie, Goodreads, Amazon, or reached via email at:

contactme [at] jqpdx [dot] com.

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