I’ve got a few tales scattered about. Here’s a list of some of them.

Gearspire: Advent
Gearspire: Advent – My debut novel. Gearspire: Advent is a dark fantasy / steampunk mash-up full of sword fights, twisted creatures, and ancient machinery. It follows a young swordsman’s quest to redeem himself by tracking down his father, a vicious bandit who betrayed his son, his family and the realm.
Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology
Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology – A fun anthology in which I have a story about an IT tech, a horrible man, and a very upset magical iPhone. Available October 1st, 2016.
Abyss & Apex – A cool online magazine, I’m proud to have a piece of Flash Fiction in their Fall 2015 Issue.
2113: An Oral History of the Last God
2113: An Oral History of the Last God – This interesting collaborative anthology published by Subtopian Press is available on Amazon. One of my pieces of flash fiction is included.
Mindnado Express
Wattpad – I’ve got quite a lot of stories of various flavors and genres posted here. Check them out if you’re so inclined.